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The boiler at the power unit of Primorskaya TPP was successfully ignited for the first time

The steam boiler at Primorskaya TPP was tested. This is a key stage of commissioning at power unit No. 1 for its putting into operation.

During the test run, the boiler ignition modes using fuel oil were tried and tested, and the performance of the equipment of the main and auxiliary systems, instrumentation, remote and automatic control devices, technological protection devices, and unit locks during start-up were checked. During the work, no internal defects of the system were detected, its operability was fully confirmed that makes it possible for the specialists of LLC Inter RAO - Engineering to start steam purging of superheaters of the power boiler and pipelines of the first power unit.

Currently, a whole range of works is being performed in the buildings and premises of the power plant: installation of metal structures of boilers, equipment of the pumping station, a crushing device, conveyor gallery. At the fuel storage depot, a dust shield is installed and bentonite mats, a modern waterproofing material, are laid. The construction of railways and on-site roads is ongoing.

Primorsky TPP with a capacity of 195 MW includes three steam power plants with a unit capacity of generating equipment of 65 MW. Each power unit includes a steam turbine manufactured by CJSC "The Ural Turbine Works" (Yekaterinburg), a turbine generator (CJSC ELSIB, Novosibirsk) and a steam boiler E-240-13.8-560 KT (PK-114) (JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk, Moscow Region).

The main fuel for Primorskaya TPP will be coal. The construction of the station will make it possible to diversify the fuel balance of the Kaliningrad power system in order to reduce the power engineering dependence on natural gas supplies. The General Contractor is LLC Inter RAO - Engineering.



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